Inauguration of the Roland Côté R&D Center!
Polystyvert and BEWI successfully demonstrate the recyclability of post-consumer polystyrene for the same applications as virgin plastic

Polystyvert launches a pilot unit for ABS dissolution recycling

Our proven process is now adapted to recycling a wider range of applications
Polystyvert is awarded the 2023 EnviroLys award in the innovation and environmental protection category.
Polystyvert voted among the top 10 most promising companies at the 20th annual rice alliance energy technology forum

Evan Price appointed Director and Chairman of the Board

Polystyvert Announces the Appointment of Evan Price as the Director and Chairman of the Board

Accelerated Growth for Polystyvert

Construction of A First Commercial Polystyrene Recycling Plant and an ABS Recycling Pilot Plant.

Polystyrene Recycling

Polystyvert partners with COEXPAN to validate at Innotech dissolution rPS technology for FFS yoghurt packaging applications.

Polystyrene Recycling

Polystyvert is an innovative company that sets up a circular economy for styrenic plastics through a dissolution recycling process.

Polystyrene Recycling

Polystyvert is an innovative company that sets up a circular economy for styrenic plastics through a dissolution recycling process.

Innovative Technologies


Polystyvert has developed a breakthrough technology for recycling polystyrene, using a dissolution process that works on all types of polystyrene: expanded, extruded and injection-moulded. Our recycled polystyrene product is of very high quality and can easily be re-extruded or re-injected, allowing many applications to incorporate 100% recycled materials.


When polystyrene is put in contact with our essential oil, it dissolves like sugar in water. The process is very quick; it takes just a few seconds (see video). This essential oil was chosen among others for its high degree of safety. Only polystyrene will dissolve in this oil, while other materials will float or sink, depending on their density.


Moreover, Polystyvert has perfected a coarse filtration process or screening that allows large contaminants to be removed rapidly and easily, such as cardboard, paper, other plastics, metals, etc. Finally, the recycled polystyrene is formed into pellets that can be used for all classical applications, such as extrusion or injection-moulding, with 100% recycled content or mixed with virgin polystyrene pellets.

Furthermore, Polystyvert has developed a thorough purification technology for polystyrene. This purified polystyrene can be re-introduced into a polymerization reactor to regenerate expanded polystyrene (EPS) and high-impact polystyrene (HIPS). These final products have the same mechanical properties as its virgin counterparts; however they incorporate a substantive amount of recycled material.

Thanks to these recycling or regeneration technologies, Polystyvert has created a circular economy for polystyrene, with a major impact on environmental protection.

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Key Partners

Created in 2011, this young company has received valuable support from key partners. Early on, government partners such as Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) and Technoclimat, recognized Polystyvert’s ability to have a major impact on environmental protection due to its capacity to reduce GHG emissions. Private partners, such as Cycle Capital Management and Anges Québec, also saw Polystyert’s strong potential to implement an economic model with sustainable growth.


Ecological Benefits

Polystyvert actively contributes to reducing polystyrene from being sent to landfill. In fact, a large quantity of polystyrene is not recycled because of contaminants (labels, food waste, industrial residue, etc.), however our innovative technology is able to treat such contamination. Additionally, by generating recycled polystyrene, this lessens stimulation of the oil industry. Recycled polystyrene can replace the same quantity of virgin material that would have to be made from fossil fuels, and thus prevent additional fossil fuels from being extracted.
Polystyvert intends to deploy its technology across the globe and foster the adoption of our solution through user licences, with a large range of partners.