• Nathalie Morin
    Nathalie Morin Chief Executive Officer
  • Marianne Lépinoit
    Marianne Lépinoit Chief Financial Officer
  • Roland Côté
    Roland Côté Chief Scientific Officer
  • Nicolas Cottenye
    Nicolas Cottenye Vice President, Research and Development
  • Aurélie Bergeret
    Aurélie Bergeret Director Communications, Marketing and Government Relations
  • Jean-Mathieu Pin
    Jean-Mathieu Pin Director of Research and Development
  • Patrick Bilodeau
    Patrick Bilodeau Projects Director
  • Stéphane Martel
    Stéphane Martel Optimization Process and Technology Development Director

Board of Directors

  • Evan Price
    Evan Price Chair of the Board of Directors
  • Kevin Cano
    Kevin Cano Administrator

    Representative of Cycle Capital

  • Christophe Goffoz
    Christophe Goffoz Administrator

    Representative of Anges Quebec – Divergent Capital

  • Richard Morin
    Richard Morin Administrator

    Representative of the Common Shares

  • Kathleen N’Gassam
    Kathleen N’Gassam Administrator


  • Louis Beauchemin
    Louis Beauchemin Observer

    Representative of Anges Quebec Capital

  • Sara Chamberlain
    Sara Chamberlain Observer

    Representative of Energy Foundry

  • Benedetta d’Elia
    Benedetta d’Elia Observer

    Representative of Quadriam

  • Nathalie Théocharides
    Nathalie Théocharides Observer



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