Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC)

STDC is a long-standing partner of Polystyvert. This organization has supported us, notably with grants, since 2013.
SDTC funds Canadian clean-tech projects and coaches the companies that lead them as they move their ground-breaking technologies to market. SDTC’s support of clean-tech translates into jobs, growth, and export opportunities for Canadian companies, as well as economic, environmental and health benefits for all Canadians.



Polystyvert in proud to count Technoclimat as one of its financial partners. Technoclimat has supported us with an important grant.
Technoclimat, a Quebec Government program, aims to reduce GHG emissions by fostering the development of energy-efficiency, renewable energy, and bio-energy, and by offering financial support to project promoters who wish to demonstrate the potential of an emergent and innovative technology in Quebec. It also allows the testing of related technologies that are marginally or not available in the Quebec market.



Recyc-Quebec was the first organization to support Polystyvert in 2013 with a grant of $ 16K for a feasibility study, and then a grant of $ 450K to help launch our scale-up phase.


Investissement Québec

Investissement Quebec’s mission is to foster the growth of investment in Quebec, thereby contributing to economic development and job creation in every region. The Corporation offers businesses a full range of financial solutions, including loans, loan guarantees and equity investments, to support them at all stages of their development. It is also responsible for administering tax measures and prospecting for foreign investment.
Investissement Quebec believes that Polystyvert can generate jobs and growth in Quebec, as well as promote Quebec throughout the world.
The Créativité Québec program, managed jointly with the Quebec Ministry for the Environment, Sciences and Innovation, targets enterprises who would like to develop or gain access to new technologies or new industrial processes.


Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED)

CED offers guidance to Quebec businesses and regions toward the economy of tomorrow. CED focuses their interventions on SMEs and non-profit economic organizations by building on innovation and inclusive growth, targeting projects with significant economic benefits, and acting as a facilitator in bringing together the right partners for a given project.


Cycle Capital (CCM)

Cycle Capital Management (CCM) is an impact investor and the most active clean-tech venture capital firm in Canada. CCM invests in companies developing and commercializing clean technologies, and striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, optimizing resource use, and improving process efficiency throughout a product’s life cycle.
With assets under management of $350M, CCM invests in North America in companies that are in a rapid growth or commercialization phase, with technologies seeking to reduce GHG and optimize resources. Headquarter in Montreal with offices in Toronto, Qingdao and a presence in New York and Seattle, CCM regroups seasoned investment professionals, strategic advisors and industrial partners with in-depth knowledge of the sector.
In 2015, Polystyvert incorporated Ecofuel, an accelerator founded by CCM and dedicated to companies in the clean technology sector.


Anges Québec

Founded in 2008, Anges Quebec is a network of more than 200 angel investors with the mission of helping its members realize profitable investments. The members of the Anges Quebec network have invested over $75 million to date in the Quebec economy, totalling over 177 investments in more than 102 innovative businesses. Thanks to its professional development center, Anges Quebec supports its members in the constant acquisition of new knowledge and competencies inherent to investment.
In 2016, the members of Anges Quebec invested in Polystyvert during one of the most important financial packages carried out since the network’s foundation. That same year, Polystyvert won the Investment of the Year Award from Anges Quebec.


BDC Capital

BDC Capital exists to help turn great ideas into great companies. And great companies into engines of jobs, growth and wealth creation.



Investment Quadriam manages the private fortune of the Saputo Family, and invests in corporate projects with high potential. Quadriam became a shareholder in Polystyvert in February 2018.


Energy Foundry

Energy Foundry invests venture capital in the most promising energy innovators, and works with the world’s leading energy companies to build and scale new ventures. Their approach merges venture capital with the perks of partnership, and includes an arsenal of essential tools and relationships to help bring great ideas to market. Energy Foundry became a shareholder in Polystyvert in May 2018.