Our Vision

A Responsible and Profitable Project

Our vision is to reconcile environmental protection and economic development.


By offering high-quality recycled polystyrene, Polystyvert is making more than a simple gesture for the environment. Our company provides significant savings on the cost of raw materials for manufacturers of polystyrene products. Companies that manufacture polystyrene products purchase millions of tons of virgin polystyrene, however the cost of Polystyvert’s recycling process is less than buying virgin raw material. Thus, Polystyvert proposes a business model that is unique and profitable.


A large quantity of polystyrene, or plastic #6, is not recycled for many reasons. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) presents challenges related to transportation costs, and rigid polystyrene is often contaminated. For these reasons, polystyrene residues are often sent to landfill, using up millions of hectares of land. It is sometimes burned for heat energy, but despite the efficiency of new generation incinerators, it does not eliminate the production of new polystyrene. Worst still, polystyrene is at times simply abandoned and left to its fate in the environment.


Polystyvert acts by creating a circular economy for polystyrene. This material therefore can and should be recovered, and prevented from finding its way to the ocean which is a problem that affects us all. By recycling polystyrene, Polystyvert avoids stimulating industries that extract fossil fuels.
Polystyvert offers an economic model that attracts investors who are increasingly aware of creating a responsible portfolio. In addition to providing a satisfying return on investment, Polystyvert also contributes to implementing a responsible business environment for the plastics industry.

About Plastics…

We should not put all plastics in the same bag!
The quantity of plastics that pollute the ocean represents a huge challenge for our generation and future generations. Urgent action is needed, and Polystyvert is doing its part to meet the challenge.

For example, a number of plastics slip through the recovery system for waste. These plastics could be replaced by ecological alternatives, or simply eliminated. Though recycling technologies exist, these plastic wastes often fall through the cracks. Such is the case with plastic bags and straws.
However, there is also a range of plastics that are well optimized for their function, their use, and their application. Replacing them could run the risk of using products that have a greater ecological footprint. Optimizing channels for waste collection would be a better approach in these situations. Notably, car bumpers, computer screens and in the interior of fridges are, for the most part, recovered and recycled with profitable technologies.

Polystyrene that is used for insulation is an example of a product that is especially ecological.  Not only does it allow buildings to remain at a desired temperature, it circumvents energy consumption.
Coolers, made out of polystyrene for transporting pharmaceutical products or fish products in a temperature-controlled environment, are very efficient. They are lightweight containers which allow for easy transportation at a reasonable cost, while ensuring that their contents are preserved in an optimal environment.

Growth Strategy

Polsytyrene is used all over the planet for its numerous advantages: insulation, lightness, resistance to water, shock absorbency, and protection against humidity. But its environmental challenges remains the same, regardless of where it is used.
Polystyvert’s strength lies in its creativity and its ability to develop innovative solutions to resolve environmental problems. Our technology considerably increases the recycling rate for polystyrene across the globe. In order to deploy our technology and benefit the most users and organizations, we are commercializing through user licenses on a worldwide scale. We are targeting, for example, polystyrene manufacturers, transformers and waste managers.

Our Accomplishments

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