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Its proven process is now adapted to recycling a wider range of applications

Polystyvert, a leader in innovative plastic recycling technologies, is proud to announce the commissioning of a new pilot unit for ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) dissolution recycling, a thermoplastic commonly used in the automotive, electronics, and toy industries. The integration of this pilot unit into Polystyvert existing operations in Montreal represents a significant step in Polystyvert’s diversification efforts. The proven process of polystyrene (PS) dissolution now applies to a range of products using ABS, meeting the increasing demand for high-quality recycled content in various industries.

The innovative ABS dissolution recycling process will offer recycled ABS with a high recycled material content, with properties equivalent to virgin resin. This breakthrough in technology opens up new opportunities for a circular economy in key sectors such as automotive, toys, electronics, and small household appliances. The end-of-life management and recycling of these products are already generating more and more interest thanks to the growing regulatory incentives taking place in North America and in Europe to stimulate the circular economy of plastics. Also, the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations are increasingly influential in decision-making processes, prompting many companies to adopt sustainable practices and embrace circularity in their operations.

“By applying the know-how we have developed in deploying the PS dissolution recycling process to another styrenic plastic, namely ABS, we have successfully transitioned from the laboratory stage to the pilot unit in just 18 months. This remarkable accomplishment demonstrates the potential for accelerated application of our technology to other plastics and industries.”

Nicolas Cottenye, Vice President of Research and Development

Targeting and Removing Problematic Contaminants According to Each Industry’s Needs

Polystyvert’s unique dissolution and advanced purification process allows for specific targeting of contaminants to be removed from plastics according to customer specifications. This flexible and cost-effective approach significantly reduces the environmental footprint compared to virgin resin production. Thus, ABS plastics can be regenerated and purified to remove contaminants, whether on the product surface or in its composition, such as flame retardants, colour pigments, carbon black, as well as oil or paint residues.

Accelerating Commercialization

The ABS recycling pilot plant is able to test customer materials under conditions similar to industrial process. These various tests will accelerate the commercialization of the technology to recycle all types of plastics into ABS, providing our high-quality recycled material to ABS users across many industries.

The new ABS dissolution recycling pilot plant is integrated into Polystyvert’s existing operations in Montreal.

About Polystyvert

Polystyvert is a Montreal-based company in the clean technology sector that is revolutionizing the world of plastic recycling by implementing a circular economy. Thanks to its unique dissolution recycling process, Polystyvert can recycle plastic waste that is typically considered non-recyclable due to high contamination. The result is a recycled raw material of unmatched purity that can replace virgin plastics while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%. This Canadian innovation has been patented in over twenty countries and now provides a sustainable alternative to virgin plastics for industries such as electronics, toys, packaging, and automotive.

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