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Montreal, February 27, 2024 —Polystyvert, a leader in innovative dissolution recycling technologies, has demonstrated that it is now possible to recycle post-consumer polystyrene – derived from residential plastic waste – through a project conducted with Berga Recyclage, a Canadian subsidiary of the BEWI group. This initiative, resulting from a collaboration initiated in 2021 with a strategic investment by BEWI in Polystyvert, opens new horizons in polystyrene recycling by showing that recycled polystyrene can be reintegrated into the same applications as virgin material.

Polystyvert addresses the significant challenge of post-consumer polystyrene waste, which is difficult to recycle due to its extremely high level of contamination. This contamination can come from various sources, including food residues, chemicals, or foreign substances. The presence of these contaminants complicates the recycling process, making it difficult to separate them from the polystyrene. Additionally, after several cycles of mechanical recycling using conventional washing and shredding methods, the material becomes damaged and no longer maintains the same characteristics as virgin plastic.

With Polystyvert’s patented dissolution and purification process, not only are contaminants removed, but also broken polymer chains, leaving only intact plastic. Polystyrene is thus regenerated during the recycling process, restoring its full value.

This means that the recycled granules can be used for the same applications as virgin plastic, but with a reduced environmental footprint. The plastic recycled through the collaboration between Polystyvert and BEWI will notably be reintegrated into the production of insulation panels with high recycled content for the construction sector.

“This production illustrates the full potential for valorization of post-consumer material, a significant source of material for recycling to achieve the ambitious zero plastic waste goals set by our governments and that we aim to achieve as a society. These excellent results obtained at our pre-commercial plant in Anjou, Montreal, demonstrate that our technology is robust and mature. This success is another milestone on the road to establishing a commercial plant to recycle even more polystyrene.”

Nathalie Morin, President, and CEO of Polystyvert

“This test production marks the beginning of a new era in polystyrene recycling and demonstrates Polystyvert’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. BEWI Circulaire’s bold commitment, of which Berga is part in America, is to recover 45,000 MT of polystyrene globally in 2024. We are particularly proud to collaborate with Polystyvert. This collaboration gives new life to a waste material that has long been considered non-recyclable.”

Richard Péladeau, CEO of Berga

RECYC-QUÉBEC: an essential partner for a sustainable future

As a reference for all matters related to responsible waste management in Quebec, RECYC-QUÉBEC has continually supported innovative initiatives like Polystyvert’s. Its expertise, vision, and commitment to ecological transition make it an invaluable partner in building a more sustainable future in Quebec.

“We are proud to highlight this technological breakthrough, which offers an effective method for reducing waste from a challenging material to treat. At RECYC-QUÉBEC, we are pleased to support this initiative from its inception, which now adds to a range of available solutions for polystyrene recycling. We advocate primarily for source reduction, but also recognize the need for downstream solutions.”

Nicolas Bellerose, Environmental Advisor at RECYC-QUÉBEC.
This initiative is the result of a collaboration that began in 2021 with a strategic investment from BEWI in Polystyvert.
(From left to right) : Roland Côté, Nicolas Cottenye, Richard Peladeau, Marianne Lépinoit, Stéphane Martel, Aljosa Krizman

About Polystyvert

Polystyvert is a Montreal-based company in the clean technology sector that is revolutionizing the world of plastic recycling by contributing to the implementation of a circular economy.  With its unique dissolution recycling process, Polystyvert can recycle plastic waste that is typically considered non-recyclable due to high contamination. The result is a recycled raw material of unmatched purity that can replace virgin plastics while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%.  This Canadian innovation has been patented in over twenty countries and now provides a sustainable alternative to virgin plastics for industries such as electronics, toys, packaging, and automotive.

About BEWI and Berga Recycling

BEWI is an international company specializing in packaging and insulation solutions. The company operates in the field of expanded plastic foams, notably producing products in expanded polystyrene (EPS) and expanded polypropylene (EPP). In June 2022, BEWI strengthened its commitment to recycling by acquiring Berga Recycling, a vital Quebec-based player in the recycling industry. Berga Recycling plays a central role by purchasing recycled materials from producing companies and reselling them to those engaged in transformation, actively contributing to the promotion of a circular economy.

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